A company committed to the new millennia must improve their delivery each year or allow failure.

Our programs target these areas: unnecessary employee turnover, low productivity, lost clients.  Replacing an employee costs two times their annual salary; the most financially beneficial client is the one you already have.  Employees who are skilled in managing commitments, navigating conflict, and effectively communicating with straight talk are more productive therefore reducing labor costs.  Ultimately, empowered employees retain a greater percentage of trusted clients.

Hansen Consulting will work with you to improve your financial bottom line by identifying and eliminating communication challenges that can be costly to productivity, client retention, and employee morale.

We offer a variety of services which includes national and local training seminars and conference breakout sessions, targeted team training, and multi-month programs that we adapt to your specific needs.

Here is a sampling of topics that your team can master:

Communication = retain your trusted clients rather than attempt to win them back

  • Crucial conversations
  • New manager essentials
  • Performance management
  • Navigating conflict
  • Eradicating incivility: improving morale
  • Building professional relationships
  • Productive advocacy and inquiry
  • Managing commitments
  • Building trust

General Management = improve the capacity of your trusted employees rather than surrender time and money training a replacement

  • Supervision skills
  • Coaching and developing employees
  • Performance management, performance appraisals
  • Recruiting
  • Employment interviewing
  • Onboarding
  • Career development plans
  • Termination – the honorable exit

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