The Quandary of Honoring our Values

Most people would say they value honesty, and they consider themselves to be a very honest person. If you found a wallet with $100, you would most likely return it to its owner, right? If you were unemployed for nine months and found that wallet, would you return it? If you found a wallet with $1,000 in it, you had been unemployed for nine months, had no insurance and your child was sick, would you return it? Our values shift depending on the circumstances. The value of honesty at some point subordinates to your child’s health and welfare.

Values drive decisions and conversations. There are individual values which can trump our corporate values. For example, many things can be in conflict with collaboration such as, meeting commitment deadlines and a deep sense of responsibility for delivering your piece of the project. Architects and Construction Managers can find themselves in heated debates over building components and materials. They have to balance the client’s desires, their own value for aesthetics, and profitability.

When faced with these conflicts in values, what can we do? Being true to our individual values equals integrity. Working in alignment with company values is important for individual and collective success. We all have to make choices based on the circumstances we encounter. It’s important to live in a way that honors our values while respecting the values of others.



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